Friday, 18 August 2017

Bigg Boss 11: Nandish Sandhu, Kunal Verma, Niti Taylor approached

Salman Khan's Upcoming Bigg Boss Season 11 is already in news and Contestants Names Speculations happens everyday. As Per the Latest News The Actors Nandish Sandhu, Kunal Verma, Niti Taylor approached for the show. Actors Confirmed it and reacted the report.

nandish kunal niti

Niti confirmed being approached for the show, however, she added that she is yet to take a decision on the same -  "Yes, I have been approached for Bigg Boss 11. However, I haven't arrived at any decision as yet."

Apart from her, it is Nandish Sandhu and Kunal Verma whose names have popped up for the show. Nandish has been in news over his divorce with Rashmi Desai while Kunal got married to girlfriend Puja Banerjee on August 16, 2017.

When Pinkvilla contacted both Nandish and Kunal to confirm the reports, Nandish agreed to have been approached for the show while Kunal refuted it.

"I haven't confirmed anything as of now. About Bigg Boss 11. I have received a call from them but there is no such thing that I am going inside," said Nandish. On the other hand, Kunal said, "Is it? I have been hearing it too but I have not received any call from them. If they do, I will definitely give it a thought."

Bigg Boss Season 11 will Kick Start in the Next Month on 24th September 2017 and the whole world is excited for the Highly Anticipated Salman Khan's Bigg Boss Show.


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